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At 120 liters, this is the biggest, baddest StoneHauler duffel Black Diamond makes. Engineered carry equipment to the greater ranges, The StoneHauler120 features touchstone travel-bag innovations, like the Haul-loop carry system - a continuous, bomber tubular webbing loop that wraps the entire duffel and is tested to 2kN by the same machines that load test our carabiners and Camalots. This provides a secure "clip in" and carry solution to keep you confident that your gear is secure if it's strapped to a mule teetering across a Himalayan pass. The 120L features our side-to-side padded body construction as well, which is unique to our StoneHauler duffels and consists of 5mm closed cell polyester foam for puncture and fabric abrasion resistance while carrying gear such as quickdraws, trekking poles, or a rack of cams. Two interior zipper pockets and dual exterior accessories pockets allow you to keep valuables organized, and the monomesh ID pocket gives it your stamp while on the move. And like every StoneHauler duffel, the 120L is built with 100% post-consumer recycled material.
  • 100% recycled SuperGrid Body Material with Blue Sign approved color dyeing process - 900d x 2400d 100% recycled Polyester w/ .18mm TPE film backside and rough PU film on the frontside paired with a 1640d Polyester w/ PU coating end fabric
  • HaulLoop Carry System rated to 2kN for secure load carry and "clip in" point
  • LockOff Internal Compression System keeps gear contained and under control
  • Side-to-Side padded body construction adds puncture and abrasion resistance for an extra level of security
  • Two interior mesh zipper pockets; Dual exterior accessories zippered pocket