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When your climbing partner is on the sharp end, you're not only their support and encouragement, you also are their guardian. With a job title that serious, you need the tools to help you master your craft as a belayer. The DMM Belay Master Screw Gate Locking carabiner is the ultimate solution to the little things that can go wrong while belaying. It's difficult to focus on your climber when you are worried about cross-loading, so DMM added a plastic closure (which only shuts when the gate is fully closed) to keep the carabiner in line and your focus on the climber. The DMM Belay Master Screw Gate Locking carabiner takes care of the little things, while you worry about the bigger things happening on the opposite end of the rope.
  • Super safe belay carabiner
  • Plastic clip prevents cross loading
  • Taper Lock nose for greater gate strength in all directions
  • Strong and light I-Beam construction
  • Available with Screwgate locking system

Technical Specs