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A couple of years ago DMM decided to expand their cam range by producing a single stem design with a dual axle. A simple enough proposal you might think, but not if you want to make a cam that would stand head and shoulders above the rest.The main advantage of the single stem design with two axles is that it allows a greater range for each camming unit. DMM kept Ray Jardine's original 13.75° constant camming angle, which gives the perfect balance between holding power and range. The benefits of this increased range are obvious, but DMM knew they could push things to another level by focusing on other aspects of the design.By introducing the hot forging process for the cam lobes (in sizes 1 to 6) they were able to produce a highly sophisticated shape in A6082 alloy for the added bite, and make significant weight savings.DMM has used strong springs to make the cam sit more securely, it also means they are more resistant to being pulled out of slippy placements and the potential for 'walking' is reduced.
  • Hot forged cams that combine lightness with strength
  • Twin axle design for extended range and smooth action
  • Constant 13.75 degree camming angle
  • Extendable 8mm dyneema sling
  • Strong springs help create a stable placement