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The brief for the design of the Shadow Screwgate was to build the perfect offset D screwgate for all-round personal use. We would never say anything is perfect, but we got pretty close. It is based on our successful Shadow back with a couple of tweaks i.e. we extended the top bar to allow the locking version to have more room for knots and slings. Thus although it shares the same name as the Shadow straight and bent gate carabiners it has it's own tooling. The barrel on the gate is machined from premium 7075 alloy to give it massive push-in strength. There is no current standard for this test, but at DMM we don't build our carabiners to meet standards; we build our kit as well as we can, eliminate weaknesses and help push the standards forward. The shadow has a keylock nose and is fully anodised for long term protection against the elements. The gate/barrel/nose intersection is designed and manufactured so that the barrel will not jam shut in the closed position if the carabiner is tightened under load. It is available with Screwgate, Quicklock and Locksafe locking systems.
  • Lightweight locking carabiner
  • Keylock nose
  • Strong and light I-Beam construction
  • Available with Screwgate
  • Quicklock and Locksafe locking systems