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Big nuts have come a long way since the days of the Hexcentric; gone are the clunky, heavy beasts of old. Nowadays we have a much lighter and more sophisticated answer to big crack protection. The Torque Nut shape fits well in normal crack placements, but they have the extra advantage of working extremely well when placed in a camming position. Experiment with this at the bottom of the crag and youll see what we mean. Weve also given them a double sling. Clip them to your harness, doubled up and neat and they wont be clanking down by your knees. Youve then got the choice of a quick extension once the nut is placed. If you are close to the ground keep it short to reduce fall potential. Further up the pitch pull it into the extended position to reduce drag.
  • Large camming nuts
  • Double dyneema sling
  • 4 sizes covering a large range
  • Anodised for ease of recognition and corrosion protection
  • Weight: 374g

Technical Specs