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An innovation in thwart bag design, the unique wedge shape hangs straight down off the thwart. A rigid plastic bottom prevents sagging and can be removed to double as a cutting/fillet board. These bags are excellent at shedding the rain with their angled front and back. They attach to the thwart with buckles. Wedge Thwart Bags are equipped with snaphook straps for attachment to Granite Gear packs and to be used as a chest pack. D-Rings on the front for attaching Granite Gear map pockets.
  • Rigid plastic bottom prevents sagging
  • Hangs straight down off the thwart
  • Dimensions: 14" wide 6" tall [Small]; 17" wide 6" tall [Large]
  • Capacity: 12.3 Liters [Small]; 15.5 Liters [Large]