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Hillsound knows how challenging it can be to remain efficient, organized, as well as keeping gear and supplies protected when spending multiple days in the outdoors. The PackStack modular pack storage system (PackStack and PackStack PRO) is made to last and specifically designed to optimize pack storage, protection and organization.
  • Waterproof for items that require a safe storage away from moist (e.g. sleeping bag and sleeping pad, DSLR camera and other electronics) or items that are wet / moist (e.g. tent, rain clothes, shoes, food) and you which to isolate from your other packing.
  • Equipped with seam-sealed Cordura waterproof fabric and waterproof YKK zipper., Crescent moon shape to eliminate dead space and allow for a perfect fit
  • Top handle for easy access, Lightweight and durable construction, made to withstand scrapes and scuffs, External storage pocket
  • Fits the following backpacks, two options: either 40L+ backpacks or 60L+ backpacks. PackStack comes in two sizes: Tall and Short. Giving you the ideal space to pack smart (separate what is wet/dry, clean/dirty, food/non-food, liquids/non-liquids and essentials/non-essentials)
  • Materials: Cordura RipStop (100% nylon), Waterproof YKK Zipper, Fully seam-sealed. Weight (per unit): 102g