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Hillsound took the Trail Crampon and added more traction and flexibility, while reducing the weight for runners and hikers wanting to travel lighter in the mountains. They designed this traction device to excel during winter trail running and hiking, icy approaches, and ice fishing. Whether you are into trail running or hiking through the winter, the Trail Crampon Ultra performs well in almost all situations.
  • GRIP ON PACKED SNOW AND ICE - 18 stainless steel spikes including three 2/3 inch spikes on the heel
  • WARRANTY - These spikes are built to last and are covered by a category leading two-year warranty
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Featuring double link side chains and a high quality elastomer harness
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - This crampon features double link side chains & a durable elastomer harness
  • CARRY BAG INCLUDED - A convenient puncture-proof carry bag for storage before & after your adventure