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The Mezza Race is a touring pole designed for high-intensity, high-speed activities. The carbon composite material provides maximum stability and very low weight. The new Nordic Shark offers precision control and the best power transmission during the ascent. The Shark Loop and the Quick Release Button let you easily click in and out of the grip in seconds. The XS Contour Binding Basket reliably grips all surfaces - levering out the tip of the pole is a thing of the past. It is available in lengths from 110 cm to 150 cm.
  • Nordic Shark: Specially designed grip for Cross Country Skiing. Precise control and effective power transmission for maximum performance.
  • Shark Frame Strap Mesh: Lightweight and breathable, cradles the hand in place on the grip for perfect connection and comfort.
  • Carbon: Super light and stiff for optimal swing action.
  • Contour Binding Basket: This Contour Basket features a rigid edge allowing for simple adjustment of AT heel lifters on the fly or clearing snow easily from the bases or top sheets of skis.
  • Contour Tip: For super precise pole planting, even in icy conditions.