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HMS carabiner with safety mechanism to prevent accidental lateral loading. The new and improved version of Mammut's popular safety carabiner impresses with an improved construction, higher breaking load and reduced weight. It still offers the same double safety and easy handling. The screw locking can be operated only when the safety gate is open. Accidental opening is excluded, as well as unintentional twisting of the carabiner in the belay loop of the climbing harness. This prevents dangerous lateral loading. Mammut recommends use of the Smart HMS 2.0 carabiner for the Smart 2.0 belay device.
  • Key lock nose for easy clipping and unclipping without snagging
  • Safety gate to secure the carabiner in the correct position
  • The safety gate ensures the carabiner can only be used when it is securely closed
  • Optimized construction for smooth belaying and extended durability
  • Weight: 93 g. Breaking Load: 28 kN/6 kN/11 kN