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The latest innovation of Ocun's crack gloves. Thin rubber protects the backs of your hands while providing maximum sensitivity and friction when jamming. Less inner cushioning, single piece of microfibre and their stickiest CAT 1.5 rubber make them thinner and lighter. Finger loops are longer which makes gloves more comfortable. The hook-and-loop strap tucks out of the way under rubber, so it is protected and will not unfasten on a route. The closure points are reinforced by super strong Dyneema material.
  • Material: single piece stretch microfiber stretch + highly sensitive adhesive CAT 1.5 rubber for maximum friction
  • Rubber conceals the reinforced hook-and-loop closure preventing unfastening when hard crack climbing
  • The shape of the gloves has been improved by longer finger loops to offer greater comfort
  • 30% Synthetic rubber
  • Weight: 57 g