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The TWINPIG is a twin version of Ride's most popular WARPIG model. Their engineering team took what they liked about the versatility and aggression of the WARPIG and packaged it in a twin shape for someone looking for more freestyle performance while still approaching the mountain with a thrash everything mentality that the PIG series is known for.
  • Size the TWINPIG down 3 to 6 cm's from your standard twin to take advantage of it's unique shape and profile. 
  • TheTWINPIG isn't as wide as the WARPIG, but it's still wider than a traditional twin shape.
  • The asymmetrical shaping improves heelside turn initiation and control with different radii for the heel and toeside edges.
  • This allows the wider platform to effortlessly transfer between edges.
  • Topless construction improves durability and reduces weight. A sintered base supplies a faster more durable ride. The TWINPIG is a park-focused deck that packs all the fun of our WARPIG into a twin shape and is suitable for all ability levels.

Technical Specs