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What's better than getting out into the wild with your friends or family? Feeding them a single camp cook set using the Alpha Cook Set 4.2. This set features the two largest Alpha series pots, which are constructed from a durable hard anodized aluminum, and are ready for use on any camp stove. With four nesting DeltaLight Bowls and Insulated Mugs, everyone is sure to have a good meal. The pots also feature a secure, rotating handle that feels more like your pots at home, and a straining lid to make meal prep even easier. All this beautiful gear also weighs less than 3 lbs, meaning you'll be fighting to put it in your pack instead of something heavier. All that's left is to get out there and use it!
  • Deltalight insulated Mug comes with removable easy clean insulation sleeves and silicone slipper lids for easy stacking and cleaning
  • Securely nests together, 135mm tall
  • Includes dishcloth
  • When folded, the Pivot-Lock handle locks the lid to the pot to contain the complete set for compact packing
  • Bowl and mug are BPA-free, microwave safe, lightweight and ergonomically shaped