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The single person mess kit has been perfected with the Alpha Cook Set 1.1 for camping. Constructed from a trusty hard anodized aluminum, this pot is ready for any camp stove. The rotating handle, paired with the strainer lid make cooking about as easy as possible. With a minimal packed volume and weight, you may forget that you've packed it at all. The Delta Light Bowl is the perfect size for any meal, deep enough for soups, and wide enough for drier meals, and the all new Insulated Mug is great for cold day end beverages, and hot morning drinks. Camp cooking luxury with ease has never been this inspiring.
  • Deltalight insulated Mug comes with removable easy clean insulation sleeves and silicone slipper lids for easy stacking and cleaning
  • Securely nests together, 135mm tall
  • Includes dishcloth
  • When folded, the Pivot-Lock handle locks the lid to the pot to contain the complete set for compact packing
  • Bowl and mug are BPA-free, microwave safe, lightweight and ergonomically shaped