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Shimano's new Butterfly Wing-Fall is the perfect addition to an angler's arsenal of jigs for both conventional speed jigging and slow-pitch jigging. This dynamic jig has several falling actions-wide roll, cradle swing and back slide-designed to mimic an injured or dying baitfish that is sure to trigger a feeding response resulting in an aggressive bite. The Butterfly Wing-Fall features a Kyorin finish to give the lure a lifelike appearance and is offered in six colors: Anchovy, Blue Glow, Blue Pink, Blue Sardine, Chartreuse White and Pink Silver. Available in six different sizes from 80g to 250g, the Butterfly Wing-Fall is built with through wire construction to increase the lure's overall strength and ensure you will never lose a fish due to lure failure. Drop one down and get ready to hold on, game fish won't be able to resist the Butterfly Wing-Fall.
  • Kyorin offers an unparalleled lifelike scale pattern finish to Shimano's lures that is guaranteed to fool any fish
  • Shimano's through wire construction ensures that you will never have to worry about lure failure causing you to lose that fish of a lifetime
  • Weight: 100G - 3 1/2oz
  • Length: 95mm - 3 3/4in
  • Type: Sinking, Depth: Bottom