Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care First Aid Kits Home and Workshop

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The Home + Workshop First Aid Chest is made for injuries, both serious and not-so-serious, that happen around the house. WIth the EZ Care First Aid System, all the supplies are packed into injury-specific pouches with included quick-reference instructions so that anyone can quickly and confidently provide first aid.
  • EZ Care First Aid System: Supplies organized by type of injury.
  • Fast & Effective First Aid: Easy Instructions right on the pouch.
  • Hard plastic case: Keeps contents protected.
  • Gauze pads, tape and other supplies to stop bleeding: Bleeding wounds are the most common injuries in the workshop. The Easy Care Home + Workshop kit contains supplies and instructions to stop bleeding.
  • Easy Access Bandages: Contains Easy Access Bandages with fast and easy application and less contamination risk.

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