We know what's up when it comes to going down. When rapping off that trad route, you want control, efficiency, and security--yes, we're describing your belayer, but that also goes for your rappel device. And while ATCs may rule for heading up, the camp Standard Figure 8 gets you down without letting you down by allowing a smooth rappel while effectively dissipating heat, creating minimal impact on your climbing rope. Plus, the Camp Standard Figure 8 works with pretty much any rope diameter, packing versatility into an ultra-lightweight package. Just feed the rope through the large hole from directly below, loop around the neck, and slip it back through. Abseil away!
  • Rock Climbing
  • Specs: Rope Diameter: 8-13 mm, Weight: 106 g, 3.7 oz, Strength: 25 kN

Sku: cmp-stndrd-figure-8

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