DMM Shield Clean Wire Quickdraw


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This premium quickdraw set features the Shield carabiners that have a patented keylock nose and use I-beam hot forging technology to create super light yet massively strong carabiners. This feature set combined with the ergonomic design of the carabiner back result in, probably, our strongest, safest quickdraw set The clean nose means the carabiner does not snag gear, steep routes can be cleaned easily and there are no recesses on the nose to catch on protection and allow the biner to be dangerously loaded away from the spine. The Shield is based on the original Wirelock, but features several improvements. A narrower nose allows small pegs and bolts to be clipped easily, whilst the revised gate means clipping is faster and cleaner. The use of the I-beam technology has allowed us to reduce the weight from 44g to 35g and still keep the fantastically strong 10kN open gate strength. The Shield is our strongest and, probably, safest wiregate biner. Gate open strength is a hugely impressive 10kN, but more than that it is very hard to get this carabiner to misbehave. This is because the ergonomic design means that it is almost impossible to crossload the biner in a real life situation* and very hard to load the carabiner away from it's spine. The wire gate keeps weight to a minimum, whilst providing an easy clip with minimum chance of the gate fluttering, freezing or gunging up. A good size, a ergonomic shape and a low weight make this a great quickdraw.
  • Full size
  • ultralight
  • clean nose carabiners

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