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Sometimes the rock grumbles, sometimes it growls, and sometimes it roars. This shoe is for the ones that roar. Tame any climbing problem from the heinous to the high ball with the La Sportiva Testarossa. Built around a 3D cupped hytrel midsole and a high tension figure-eight rand this shoe will power you through the toughest moves. A carefully designed pattern of stretch/non-stretch materials gives you the needed flexibility and stability to perform those feats of technical edging that are beyond the capabilities of many other shoes on the market. And this same bi-lateral stretch creates a heel both solid and sensitive giving you "the heel" on even the trickiest heel hook.
  • A high performance shoe for steep sport routes and difficult bouldering
  • Slip Lasted
  • Performance fit w/ High Asymmetry

Sku: ls-testar-38

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Laguna Niguel, CA
  • How long have you owned this product? 2 years
  • What is your outdoor experience level? Intermediate
  • How did this product fit? True to size

Let’s go racing!

Love these shoes, the fit is so perfect I rarely lace these up. The toe power on this shoe is second to none.

Mission Viejo, CA
  • How long have you owned this product? 3 years
  • What is your outdoor experience level? Intermediate
  • How did this product fit? True to size

Gold standard for bouldering.

This is an excellent shoe for those focused in the bouldering discipline of climbing. The downturn is extremely aggressive, so I wouldn’t recommend it for someone starting out. The heel cup is a bit bulbous so getting a solid fit in the cup requires actually trying them on or you might find yourself popping off the wall during heel hooks. The heel and toes are very thin and leave you with a great deal of sensitivity. This makes it so much easier to trust your feet and that’s hard to put a price tag on. You can’t pull as hard on toe hooks as say the Skwama which has thicker and slightly stiffer rubber, but it’s a fair trade which leaves both shoes with their own secured place in your quiver of shoes. I have gone through 4 pairs over the last 3 year’s and I just purchased another pair. Gearcoop is really good about ensuring you are happy with your purchase, so I wouldn’t give a second thought to snagging a pair right now if you don’t own a pair already.

  • How long have you owned this product? 1 year
  • What is your outdoor experience level? Expert
  • How did this product fit? True to size

Mega Precision

These are extremely precise and have a very aggressive shape with high asymmetry and downturn. According to Sportiva, they fit a higher volume foot best. I found this to be true as I had to go pretty small to get a snug fit around my low-volume feet. They are a favorite for vertical to moderately overhung sport climbs for most, but they've also sent Belly Full of Bad Berries, so what do I know. Personally I feel like they're a bit too-much of a shoe for me, only climbing up to 12-.

Los Angeles, CA
  • How long have you owned this product? 1 year
  • What is your outdoor experience level? Expert
  • How did this product fit? True to size

Versatile Machine!

The shoe is customizable to your foot due to the lacing system. This gives the best flexibility. Whether you have narrow or wide feet, this shoe will mold to your mid to toe region. I am not sure if it's part of La Sportiva's design, but I am able to push the tongue of the shoe inward to give me more downturn and lock my toes inside the shoe better. This helps me generate more power in my toes. The heel has a thin application of rubber and is slightly shallower in heel depth. For me there is a little bit of a dead spot, but not too bad. Compared to the well known La Sportiva shoes like The Solutions, Skwama, and Takana, I feel those shoes have a deeper heel that I can't fit into. The Tessa Rosa's heel is slightly shallower than the other line of shoes. The thin application of rubber is suppose to provide more sensitivity from your heel to the hold/rock. This gives the ability for the climber to securely heel onto. The thin application is good feature, but doing hard heel hooks on this shoe tend to hurt my heel. I've used this shoe sport climbing and bouldering. Found that this shoe is best for steep climbs, and semi-angled walls. I love these shoes, and are always with me climbing.

Sam Cody
  • How long have you owned this product? 3-5 years
  • What is your outdoor experience level? Expert
  • How did this product fit? Tight

Testarossa is Italian for "Best Shoe Ever"

It's like a well fitting glove. They mold to your feet making it seem as though it isn't a shoe on your foot, but instead an extension of one's foot, where no foot hold is too small, too slopey, or too 'non-existent'. In fact, when wearing this shoe, everything imaginable can and will be used as a foothold. A smear you say? Actually, in these shoes, that there is a jug, my friend. Unlike most lace up shoes, they do not lace up exactly straight up and down the top of the foot. But, instead they lace up at an angle, hence grabbing every bit of the foot, like a glove as I said before, leaving no room for pockets of air. They perform best on every type of rock and angle. From low angle slab to extreme roof climbing, and everything in between. They heel-hook like the talon of an eagle, piercing, gripping, and never letting go. Best shoe, in my opinion, is the La Sportiva Testarossa.

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