Nitro Rythm Snowboard 2018 Binding 2018 - Women's

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Nitro's entry-level women's binding effortlessly delivers tried and true performance and technology at an affordable price. The Rythm offers a lightweight women's specific A-Frame Baseplate for sure foothold, while the comfy straps provide supreme support and comfort. For women looking to progress with comfort and ease, go ahead and find your rhythm.
EVA foots beds dampen vibration for increased comfort and improved control while providing great shock absorption from big drops and hard landings.,No matter if you like your toe strap to run over the top and in front of your boot,, our toe strap fits seamless ti every boot and provides you with a secure and snug it.,The 2-part design allows for high strength materials to be chosen for the lever while the ratchet roller is made from a moothly gliding polymer. No striping - no sliping,Theses S-curved ratchet straps stay out of your way when stepping inti the binding. The wide-mouth buckle funnel helps you guide the ratchet for an ultra fast,, precise bite of your buckets.,This design both flexibility and control. Combine in one lightweight and comfortable package.

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