Rab Boreas Pull-on Jacket - Men's

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Rab Boreas Pull-on Jacket - Men's
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The Boreas Pull-on is a lightweight stretch pull-on designed to offer protection from the sun and the elements when in the mountains.

The Boreas Pull-on has been designed to offer fantastic sun protection when climbing or travelling in the mountainous areas. The fabric does also offer some wind resistance but this does not compromise breathability and make the Boreas a fantastic mid layer for both warm and cold conditions. The Rab Boreas was awarded (on its's launch in 2011 a coveted Backpacking Magazine Editor's Choice Award. The Boreas Pull-on now has an added, unseen extra. Polygiene antibacterial treatment has been added to the fabric meaning that the Boreas Pull-on is ideal for multi day trips and more appealing


  • Matrix SWS fabric
  • Polygiene® Stay fresh odor control treatment
  • Under-helmet hood
  • Deep venting YKK chest zip
  • Fit: Slim
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  • Matrix SWS fabric
  • Polygiene® Stay fresh odor control treatment
  • Under-helmet hood
  • Deep venting YKK chest zip
  • Fit: Slim
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Think of your favorite piece of gear. Chances are that it is one that goes with you almost everytime you walk out the door. When a piece of gear goes with you everytime you walk out the door it covertly forms a part of every adventure and every experience that shapes you. These aren’t the pieces that sit in your closet all summer waiting for snow, or live in the bottom of your pack waiting for foul weather to descend. These are the pieces that you take to the rock, to the sun and snow. You take them to the bar and the dog park. These are the pieces that you live in everyday. Meet the Boreas Pull-On. Your new favorite piece of gear.

The sizing on this piece is spectacular. I am 5’ 10” with longer arms and I often have problems finding pieces that fit my torso, but still have enough sleeve length that they won’t shrink back over gloves. Also the torso length is long enough to stay put under a harness when you have your arms raised above your head. Wonderful. The hood, which is designed to fit under a helmet, I find fits a little better over helmet. I have a small issue with the hood being so deep that when not worn with a hat or helmet it covers my eyes slightly. I especially notice this when I’m looking up belaying.

I love the color. The color is officially called Oxide, but I noticed that it was a little brighter than the pictures on the website. I would call it closer to a tangerine. This is a pro in my opinion since the “burnt orange” has been beaten to death over the last few years.

The performance of this piece has exceeded expectations. I was looking for what I like to call a “live-in piece”. This is a piece of gear that is essentially versatile enough that it will ALWAYS be a part of your layering system and comfortable enough that you will want to wear it for days on end. The Boreas fits the bill. I love the Matrix SWS fabric when worn next to skin or over a t-shirt. It is probably the most comfortable synthetic fabric that I have come across. Unlike some low bulk pieces the Boreas does not bunch up at the elbow or in the armpit causing discomfort after time. As with any “live-in” piece, breathability is paramount and the Boreas doesn’t disappoint. I have worn few other shirts or jacket that have this balance of weather resistance and breathability. On the scale of breathable to weatherproof the boreas falls more towards the breathable side. This shirt would be ok to keep some light wind and precipitation off, but really shines when used as a base layer, or an outer layer during stop and go activities. I have worn this for everything from high aerobic tempo runs to sipping beers on the porch and between the deep venting zipper and the hood found it to be versatile enough to handle the amazing temperature variances that come with spring in Colorado. The most important aspect of this is that the Matrix SWS fabric wicks and dries fast enough that I have never been wet in this piece which is usually my complaint with similar wool items. As far as durability goes after a few weeks of use I see no signs of wear. I’ll update in a month or so.

Breathable, oh so breathable
Scuba hood
Generous sleeve length
“Live in it” soft material
One of the most versatile pieces out there

Stinky after a couple days, wash often
Hood fit is a little baggy

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