Slackline Industries Base Line Slackline Kit

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Slackline Industries Base Line Slackline Kit
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Thie versatile 2-inch style slackline designed as an easy-to-use kit with slackline specific webbing appeals to all levels of users. The thick weave makes it ideal for walking or getting started with tricks. Complete kit includes a ratchet with a safety lock and main line with a sewn loop on either end. The advertised TrueLength refers to the length of the main line alone, not including ratchet webbing length. The ratchet comes with 8 feet of webbing and a reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the line. The handle grip is a soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning, and the ratchet release is also rubberized for easy and safe release of the tension on the line.
Short Description
  • The Base Line is the perfect all around slackline for everyone,Kit includes main line as well as ratchet with sewn loops for setting up line,Slackline specific webbing is flexible enough for walking and jumping
  • but stable enough for easy learning,Easy to use ratchet provides safe and simple tensioning and release of line,
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Slackline Industries
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It is the little things that make it a 5 star for me. I've used all sorts of ratchet kits and this one by far has been the best. Graphics on the line are simple. Love the red color and it is a simple setup.

Where this stands out is the ratchet and line. I guess those are the only 2 parts to this kit but anyway. It is advertised as 50ft "TrueLength" and what they mean by that is your main line is actually 50ft and the ratchet side is 8ft. Other kits out there advertise a length i.e. Gibbon as 49ft/15m and with this particular instance you actually get about 41 feet on your mainline and 8 feet on your ratchet...yeah, sneaky. Anyway, you actually get more line than what is advertised here so that is a major PLUS. As for the ratchet, it is smooth, easy to crank. Plastic handle is easy on the hands and you don't know what you've been missing until you try another line but on the Base Line and other kits from Slackline Industries, there is a rubber grip on the brake release and it is amazing. It is hard to describe but it is something line going from driving a beater to a brand new ride, it's smooth, quite, feels good in your hands and just looks that much better.


Perfect line for beginners of all ages. The webbing is not too bouncy, so we were able to set ours up really low to the ground and it wasn't too difficult to pick it up fairly quickly. The ratchet works really well and makes setup and take-down super easy. Highly recommended!


This is the best beginner line. Thicker weave means a more stable feel and makes walking easier and learning the basics a breeze.

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