Sterling Evolution Helix Dry 9.5mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

PRICE: $238.55-$361.80
Sterling Evolution Helix Dry 9.5mm Dynamic Climbing Rope
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PRICE: $238.55-$361.80
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Small but mighty: With a new sheath and bantamweight core construction, the Helix is a skinny workhorse. Blending the right features-the ease of the 9.5-diameter rope, durable and light with low impact force-the Helix is ideal for high-end sport, trad and mixed climbing.

Evolution series are the original ropes that Sterling offered and are engineered for an ideal balance of diameter to weight.

Only Sterling ropes have a unique feature called DryCore™. What is DryCore and why is it so important? DryCore is Sterling's innovative and proprietary way of treating the core yarns so as to reduce yarn-on-yarn abrasion and moisture absorption. The core provides the strength and power of your rope. If your rope gets wet, it loses critical strength and elongation will increase. In fact, tests have shown that a wet rope can lose up to 30% of its strength. In tests conducted at Sterling, wet ropes constructed with DryCore had less increase in elongation than standard ropes and maintained their strength characteristics while ropes without DryCore did not. DryCore standard on all Sterling rope cores.

Sterling Rope spent years researching and testing various coatings and processes to greatly improve their rope dry treatment. The result was the development of DryCoat™, their own proprietary coating and dry process. Studies have shown that wet ropes are more difficult to handle, elongation increases, and their performance can change dramatically. DryCoat protects the rope from water absorption, keeping your rope strong, eliminating weight increase, the risk of freezing, and slowing the wear of rope considerably. In conventional ropes, it is usually only the sheath fibers that are dry-treated. Sterling Dry Ropes not only have a superior coating on the sheath, but also have DryCore standard on all its cores, reducing the ropes natural inclination to absorb moisture to greater levels.

Short Description
  • Diameter: 9.5mm
  • UIAA Falls: 7
  • Weight: 59g/M
  • Dynamic Elongation: 31.9%
  • Impact Force: 8.9kN
  • Dry Finish
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