Vew-Do Zone Balance Pro Balance Board with Rocks

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PRICE: $179.95
Vew-Do Zone Balance Pro Balance Board with Rocks
PRICE: $179.95


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Zone Deck and 3 Rock Combo: Unlike all other balance trainers, the Zone Balance Pro is the 3-in-1 training system designed to bring versatility and fun to all levels of fitness, rehab, yoga or athletic training program. With a simple change of the rock, the Zone BP quickly converts from a level 1 teeter board, to a full rotational wobble board, to a traditional fore and aft balance trainer. If versatility is what you are looking for there is no better product in the Vew-Do line than the Zone Balance Pro system. Level 1: Teeter Mode: When in teeter mode the large flat surface on the rock creates un-compromised stability with the ground while the curved upper edge of the rock allows for the Zone deck to teeter in an up and down motion thereby simulating a schoolyard teeter totter that nearly anyone can stand on. In this teeter mode the Zone is a fantastic tool for return to sport rehabilitation. Level 2: Wobble Mode: When in Wobble mode, the half round Wobble Rock allows for full 360 degrees of balance training while enhancing the overall confidence needed for any sports, rehab or athletic training. The wobble rock attaches to the unique rail system found only on Vew-Do's traditional style balance boards thereby making for easy conversion when looking for that full rotational balance training on a flat surface with no moving parts. Level 3: Cylinder Mode: When in Cylinder Mode, the Zone Balance Pro easily morphs into a taper-less, roller style, balance board thereby increasing the overall level of difficulty and mobility. This mode allows for increased dynamics and performance found commonly within traditional balance board training. This 3rd level of mobility is ideal for anyone looking to take their balance training beyond the teeter and wobble mode yet not quite ready for the performance style of riding.
Short Description
  • Good for: Beginner users, fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation, single board verstatility
  • Foam pads on top for grip
  • Deck: 29.5" long, 17" wide in middle, 10.5" wide at nose/tail
  • Rock: 3 included, various sizes
  • 100% Made in U.S.A.
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