Wild Country Astro Ultralight Carabiner

PRICE: $9.95
Wild Country Astro Ultralight Carabiner
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PRICE: $9.95
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At just over an ounce per unit and with stylish and strong 'I beam' technology, the new Astro provides an amazing platform for the 2009 Wild Country range to rest on. The new Astro weighs in at only 29 grams making it Wild Countrys lightest ever biner. Like a miniature of the original, amazing Helium, the Astro's technology combines plenty of strength with a definitive design that keeps up the downward momentum of weight loss. Small, but built to sit perfectly in the hand its size belies the ease of use. Built with our easy clip 'Tech-wire' wiregate and skinny, safe, hooded nose that makes it perfect for super slick clipping it's not hard to see why it handles so well. The Astro is a hyperlight, high performance biner that weighs less to give more.
Short Description
  • Compact Ultralight Carabiner - 29 grams
  • I-Beam Construction
  • Similar size to Black Diamond Neutrino and DMM Phantom
  • Strength: 24kN (closed), 7kN (open), 7kN (cross)
  • Silver Anodized
Brand Name
Wild Country
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I purchased 15 wild country astro quickdraws when they first came out in 2009 and use them extensively for trad & sport climbing. What strikes an interesting balance with the Astro carabiner is that they retain a great balance between price, size, weight & durability. At 29 grams this carabiner retains a generous rope bearing surface throughout its entire axis in case of a minor axis load. A close competitor is the DMM Phantom. While the Astro is 3 grams heavier than the Phantom, the Astro offers a slightly larger gate opening, overall size and rope bearing surface. Also, the notch of the Astro is shrouded more than the Phantom which makes it slightly less prone to catch when cleaning steep routes...or maybe just having a rough day. In any case, if weight matters that much, you have a weakness for fast food, and/or recency put on baby fat from a newborn child, be careful to count the grams as insignificant they may seem in the short run, they will add when racking over 30 carabiners. I’m glad I did because In & Out never tasted so good, thankfully my rack will not weigh me down.

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